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In front of the bathroom

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The door was locked. There was a person inside

In the morning, I went to the mastologist to give him some test results that I’ve done in the last few months. Before being attended to, I felt a great urge to urinate. I went through the clinic and, in front of the bathroom, I turned the knob – the door was locked. There was a person inside. It’s alright! I pulled away and waited for my turn.

In the meantime, a pregnant woman arrived with her husband. They watched me suspiciously. As soon as a man came out of the bathroom, she stepped forward and, without asking, entered and locked the door. I saw no problem in that, even though I longed to use it. After all, she was a pregnant woman. I could keep waiting, even uneasy.

In less than a minute, the husband of the pregnant woman continued to analyze me. I did not move my head or eyes to return the doubt, curiosity or suspicion. While simulating my attention at a fixed point, I noticed her husband approaching, picking up a paper towel from a counter a few inches away from me, and pulling away. For a few seconds, I saw him walking toward the waiting room.

I stood there, motionless, with an inscrutable countenance, feeling so phlegmatic that I almost could become an extension of the balcony. Without delay, the man returned. He was still watching me. He could not pretend anymore. He fortuitously struggled to make some kind of opposition to himself. Maybe he was in conflict. Then, his wife left the bathroom. She looked at me, and I did not do the same. I realized without any effort that they watched me right and left. OK!

I had the impression that they were trying to crush me with their eyes. Without communicating, I ignored them. I walked into the bathroom without looking back, and it seemed to me that there was some kind of surprise in that, at least on their part that they did not understand what I was doing there. While I was urinating, I felt my body lighter, especially my head that seemed to carry the weight of eyes that were not mine. I washed my hands, took off my shirt, straightened my beard and hair. I cross the hallway to the second waiting room without looking at anything.

I noticed a few pairs of eyes and walked to the first waiting room, where I left the results of my exams on one of the chairs. After I was attended by the mastologist, I asked the receptionist to give me the original guide to the examination request, because I needed to present it in the laboratory. Meanwhile, the couple I met earlier approached me. When the husband saw that I was leaving, he put his helmet on one of his arms and cordially smiled, opening the office door, so I could leave.

Written by David Arioch

February 7th, 2017 at 10:59 am

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