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15073405_1229816640443062_66558832310908531_nI came in from the gym, I took a shower, and, starving, I prepared my plate. As soon as I sat down to dinner, there was a blackout on my street. Without being stressed, I walked from the kitchen to the backyard with the plate in my hands. I sat on one of those traditional porch chairs and I dined in the moonlight. A huge moon that casted light on me and everything that surrounded me.

Then I peeled an orange and I sucked it. As soon as I finished, I heard a grim sound. It was Kali, the tuxedo cat from here, acting weird. As I tried to understand the situation, she let out a oxytone mewoed and jumped in my direction, twisting her nails into my beard. Suddenly, she calmed down, gathered her claws, and the macabre expression on her face disappeared.

I did not understand anything until I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. In front of the mirror, there were two orange seeds in my beard, looking like two small eyes. She probably thought my beard had taken the shape of an animal and she was jealous. The moonlight dinner did not come so cheap. It cost me some nails on my neck.

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February 7th, 2017 at 11:03 am

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