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A friendly call

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A friend called to tell me about her problems

A friend called to tell me about her problems. As a good listener, I was silent, assimilating her discontent. Suddenly, she asked for my opinion. “So, David, what do you think I should do?” When I started, “Well, I think …”, she interrupted me and complained:

“No, David! No! Look at that! Let me go on! “Then I shut up again and she continued:” But I don’t know either. It’s a difficult situation and I don’t think my mother will accept it. Do you agree? “When I tried to speak, she stopped me again. It’s all right! I preferred to abstain, aware that any answer could be misinterpreted.

“So! Are you going to say it or not? ” Getting ready for the worst, I did two exercises with my jaw. When I tried to open my mouth to make a suggestion, I could not. My mustache of long strands simply entwined with my beard. I struggled to open my mouth in vain.

As I struggled to resolve the situation, my friend shouted, “Wow, David! How insensitive you are! You’re very selfish, you know that? How can you be like this? I bet you did not hear what I said! People should know who you really are. Oh, you know what? Goodbye!”

At the end of the call, I went to the bathroom to persuade my mustache to leave my beard alone. To my surprise, I received a message from Whatsapp: “Do not forget to send me your opinion. I am waiting. Kisses!”

Written by David Arioch

December 19th, 2016 at 11:15 am